Who we are

Ematech is a leading R&D and systems engineering consulting service provider in the area of real time embedded communications, complex RF systems analysis and large scale systems integration. The company was founded in early 2006 by two veteran executives of the Israeli high-tech industry, and is based in Ra'anana, Israel.

Business Model and Approach

System design is becoming more and more complex. Rapidly evolving technology and increasing dependencies between components (often developed by different subcontractors) make it more difficult for resource-constrained organizations to deliver against milestones agreed with their customers. Ematech supports its clients to deliver a rigorously tested end product, on time and within budget.

Entire cycle. Ematech works with its clients throughout the entire design cycle: from early design to developing and testing the first prototype in highly sophisticated testing environments.

Together with the client. Ematech's complements the skills of a client that can focus on the development of distinctive core technology elements, relying on Ematech to take responsibility for the fastest possible route to market.

Flexible, yet focused. Ematech’s widespread expertise provides its clients with the flexibility they need for providing the best solutions to their complex requirements, yet it is focused, channeling its expertise to specific fields and dedicating it to its selected clients.

Communications technologies only. Ematech has particularly deep expertise in communication technology (hardware, software, analogue and digital signal processing, RF, antenna and receiver technology, etc.) and its strategy is to work solely in these areas.

But broad disciplinary skills. Getting a communications system from design to finished product requires skills across many disciplines, including manufacturing and production monitoring. Ematech has them all.